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Digital Download of Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.


This poster was inspired by the fact that 40% of those holding crypto in Brazil earn below the minimum wage. Zcash can transform the lives of residents in favelas by creating financial inclusion and opportunities. Favelas often have limited access to traditional banking services, making it challenging for residents to participate fully in the formal economy. 


Zcash offers an alternative financial system that enables individuals to store, send, and receive private money without relying on traditional banking infrastructure. This promotes financial inclusion and empowers individuals within the favela communities. Furthermore, by using Zcash, favela residents can engage in entrepreneurial activities and commerce within their communities. Accepting Zcash payments for goods and services expands their customer base beyond the local area. This fosters economic empowerment and growth within the favelas, a value that goes well beyond the monetary value of the coin. The text translated to “Zcash transforms communities”. 


This poster is a collaboration with former Zcash Ambassador (and recipient of the Brazil 2023, an active ZCG grant), Michae2xl (Zcash Brazil), the Zcash Foundation, and Steve Thomas Art.

Zcash: Brazil digital download

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