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Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.

The text translated to “Zcash, The key to financial carefreeness” is similar to the Zcash motto in Italy.


Italian identity is deeply intertwined with football and carefreeness, but in today's world the increasing use of invasive surveillance tools, including the potential implementation of CBDCs, threatens this carefree lifestyle.


This poster aims to convey that Zcash's goal is to provide the Italian people with the tools to preserve carefree living and financial tranquility, symbolized by the football goal. The ball, on the other hand, represents Zcash, which encounters threats to dodge along its journey, symbolized by the players.With the privacy that Zcash provides, it becomes the key to achieving this goal of carefreeness, or in Italian, "spensieratezza."


This poster is a result of a collaboration between Zcash ambassador, Olek, Zcash Foundation and Steve Thomas Art.

Zcash: Italy

  • Three sizes available on either archival paper or canvas. Canvas comes rolled with enough border to gallery wrap or frame - *EXCEPT LARGEST SIZE* - which will come cut to size.
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