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Digital Download of Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.


Zcash, with its commitment to user confidentiality, presents a compelling option for addressing wealth disparity on the islands. By ensuring everyone has equal access to financial services, it offers an alternative to traditional banking systems and contributes to bridging the wealth gap. The words “Égalité des droits” on the pareo underline this commitment to equal rights.


Zcash's robust privacy safeguards benefit all users, regardless of their wealth. For tourists, Zcash removes the need to exchange currency and worry about high transaction fees, supporting local businesses and boosting the economy.


Moreover, Zcash provides an opportunity for local banks to evolve and remain relevant in an increasingly digital world. Given that the state, with a bitcoiner president, is a significant shareholder in some local banks, the adoption of cryptocurrency services like Zcash could be accelerated. By incorporating Zcash services, these banks could diversify their offerings, better serve their customers, and stay up-to-date with financial digitalization.


In French Polynesia, tattoos or "tatau" are rich symbols of identity and status. Chiefs and warriors, often bearing shoulder tattoos symbolizing armor, showcased their strength and fearlessness. A tiki on the chest signified a connection to a demigod believed to have birthed the first Polynesians. These tattoos are more than body art, they're powerful testaments to Polynesian heritage, reflecting the wearer's identity, lineage, and cultural standing.


However, it's essential to note that French Polynesian law currently only allows transactions in local currency. Therefore, despite the promising developments, there's substantial work to be done at the regulatory level. The adoption of cryptocurrencies like Zcash is still a complex issue, but it also presents an opportunity to create a more inclusive financial system in French Polynesia. 


This poster was a collaboration between Zcash Ambassador, Tim, The Zcash Foundation, and Steve Thomas Art.

Zcash: Polynesia digital download

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