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Digital Download of Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.

RussiaTranslated to “Zcash - to protect your personal space.” This poster was inspired by the fact that there is no word that fully means "privacy" in the Russian language. The closest thing to the meaning of the word "privacy" is the term "personal space." The problem is deeper than just the lack of a word. There is no comprehension of the concept itself so there isn't a clear understanding of the framework of what privacy can do for an individual. It's as if we were trying to explain in words to people from a two-dimensional space what a three-dimensional space looks like without them having any understanding of the expansiveness of a three-dimensional world. 


This poster is a collaboration with Zcash ambassador, Arktor, the Zcash Foundation, and Steve Thomas Art. They settled on an image that portrays only one dimension of the benefits of privacy. Where Zcash, at the bare minimum, protects one's personal space. But, of course, it does so much more than that.

Zcash: Russia digital download

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