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Digital Download of the Saudi Arabia Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.


The AI-AQILAT was a commercial movement that started in Najd, in the center of Saudi Arabia approximately 300 years ago. The trade route was led by men who did not belong to a certain tribe or to a certain country; most AI-AQILAT traders were from the Qassim Province, where commercial goods are transported and brought on the back of camels. This was before the beginning of the emergence of borders between countries; once borders were created, they prevented movement, except through specific ports. Similarly, this poster depicts the convoy on a zebra path through the desert. The AI-AQILAT serves as a metaphor for how Zcash transcends borders and any one power structure.


The Arabic in the poster translates to “Zcash has no limits” Today, when political borders not only restrict the freedom of movement but also the freedom to transact privately and through these human-made borders, Zcash breaks down these walls.


This poster was a collaboration between former Zcash Ambassador, zoz, The Zcash Foundation, and Steve Thomas Art.

Zcash: Saudi Arabia digital download

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