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Digital Download of Ambassador poster for Zcash Zcon4.


Venezuela is a country with a great diversity of natural landscapes, being the plateaus called tepuis (kind of mountains with vertical walls and relatively flat tops) very characteristic of the geography of this country. In addition to the variety of landscapes and climates, there are also many natural resources such as oil, gold, diamonds, among others that have provided the country with great economic wealth for many decades.


Unfortunately, these riches have been unequally distributed in the country, resulting in high levels of poverty, corruption and social injustices, which have generated various economic problems.This is how Zcash can be an ideal alternative to help people in Venezuela access a global and alternative privacy-oriented financial system. 


On the one hand, it helps them adopt tools without intermediaries (banks/government) limiting access and management of their hard-earned honest money. On the other hand, it offers them the privacy needed to protect them from dishonest companies and corrupt officials who want to take their money or savings.The case of Venezuela is the case of many Latin American countries, where people need access to private electronic money to explore all their potentialities and growth opportunities without the limitations or restrictions of fiat money.


For this reason, Venezuelans need today more than ever to have access to financial privacy, because privacy is a fundamental human right for the freedom, dignity and life of every human being. As stated on the poster, “Zcash: La privacidad es un derecho” or “Zcash: Privacy is a right.”


This poster was a collaboration between Zcash Ambassador Chair, Yoditar, The Zcash Foundation, and Steve Thomas Art.

Zcash: Venezuela digital download

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